Discover the Vulcania Park - Park Hotel Vulcania

Situated at the heart of the Puys mountain range in the Regional Park of the Auvergne Volcanoes, Vulcania has become the must-see destination for your stay in Auvergne.  Built on volcanic rock, the Vulcania Park reveals the secrets of volcanism through a series of continually updated events:

  • 3D film
  • 5D Film
  • A giant screen
  • Dynamic cinema experience

Travel into the centre of the world’s volcanoes and experience new adventures in a volcanic universe that lies at the heart of the volcanic Puys d’Auvergne. Old or young, you will be amazed by the wealth of activities, discoveries, experiences, encounters and journeys possible at Vulcania.

The Hotel Royal Saint Mart is affiliated to Vulcania Park and able to offer an exclusive package that delivers tickets direct to the hotel reception desk (particularly useful during busy periods).

Hotel Vulcania: Package

Please allow us to help arrange your stay … we are always available to offer advice and recommend the package most suited to your needs.

Other places to visit

  • The Lemptégy Volcano (opposite Vulcania)
  • The House of Stone: visit a solidified lava flow at Volvic